Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Carnivorous Minority

Now that my wife and daughter have embraced vegetarianism as the only ethical choice, I suddenly find myself in the minority in our house. My daughter tuts at me as I enthusiastically tear into a piece of steak - reminding me that it takes ten times more grain to feed a cow than if one simply ate the grain.

My wife, sweetly, lets me off the hook - and doesn't insist that I too should become a vegetarian, not least on the grounds that I have never had too much affinity for vegetables. (Mind you, that doesn't stop her sneekily putting a quorn lasagne in front of me form time to time. I try to enjoy it...and usually fail.)

It does make one think though. I was mightily impressed, a few years ago, to visit a Hindu Temple, and to enjoy a vast array of wonderful food (thanks to their generous hospitality)...all of it tasty, and none of it provided via the sacrifice of an animal. I do wonder whether my preference for meat is simply something I was brought up with...and like many things we grow out of as wisdom accumulates, perhaps this too is something I will need to forgoe.

After all, we can't keep on tearing down the forests of the world just to satisfy our craving for flesh...can we?

Hmmm...I'll have to think more about this one. To never again savour a sirloin steak would be quite a sacrifice...

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